Building American Dynamism

Katherine Boyle

To stave off national stagnation and decline in a post-COVID world, technologists need to build companies that tackle America's biggest problems head-on.

DeFi Gives Financial Privacy — Will Regulation Take It Away?

Eugene Volokh

Requiring coders to track users’ behavior would essentially outlaw intermediary-free, off-the-shelf protocols and code that any third party can use.

Software Is Automating Design. What Does That Mean For Designers?

Carly Ayres

Widely accessible design tools like Figma and Canva force experienced designers to adopt new roles: project manager, systems architect, and user advocate.

Crypto at Congress: ‘Watershed’ Moment for Regulation and Web3

Tomicah Tillemann and Zoran Basich

Two recent hearings in Washington, focusing on crypto and the related trend of web3, signified a shift in policymakers' understanding of decentralized tech.

The Future of Work is Not Corporate — It’s DAOs and Crypto Networks

Ben Schecter

The old model is "work-to-earn." Increasingly we will see "x-to-earn" in crypto networks: play, learn, participate, invest, create, and more.

Come for the Tool, Stay for the Exchange: Bootstrapping Liquidity in the Private Markets

David Haber

The next generation of private market exchanges will begin as investor relations software.

How ‘Hyperscalers’ are Innovating — and Competing — in the Data Center

Nick McKeown, Martin Casado, and Zoran Basich

As traffic explodes, programmable chips are creating ways for the biggest companies to differentiate, with major implications for the industry.

The Web3 Playbook: Using Token Incentives to Bootstrap New Networks

Chris Dixon

Projects that haven't yet achieved network effects don't have to spend meaningful money on sales and marketing when users are genuine owners.

Rethinking Equity Compensation: From Lottery Ticket to Financial Wedge

Niya Dragova

Smart equity management strategies for employees with RSUs or stock options, a future-forward vision for companies, and a wish-list for builders.

Kickstarting Network Effects

Paul Davison, Alexis Ohanian, Andrew Chen, and Das Rush

Network effects can be found powering almost every major technology company, from messaging apps and workplace collaboration tools, like Slack and Zoom, to marketplaces, like Airbnb and Instacart to even the internet itself. In this po...