Law As Code: A Legal System Shaped By Software

Joshua Browder

With a software-first approach, we can improve transparency, automate tedious processes, and in some cases, even avoid the need for costly lawyers altogether.

Choosing Your North Star Metric

Lenny Rachitsky

How to decide the guiding metrics for every type of business, based on a survey of employees at over 40 of today's most successful growth-stage companies.

The Future of Games Is Instant

Jonathan Lai

A new class of inherently social instant games melds the click-to-play ease of early Flash games with the quality and performance of app-native games.

A Quick Pulse Check on Direct Listings

Scott Kupor

Are direct listings working? What do the data tell us (albeit from a very limited sample)? And what have we learned so far when it comes to direct listings?

How the Great Zoom Migration Upended the Housing Market

Alex Rampell

By decoupling employment from location, COVID has spurred one of the most profound changes in real estate in the last 100 years. The effects are far-reaching.

Individual Before Community: Why Creator Tokens Will Precede Community Tokens

Alex Masmej

What purists miss in their devotion to the collective is that all communities start with an individual. I believe creator tokens will be first to go mainstream.

Speculation is Necessary. Governments Can Help.

Jamie Catherwood

Instead of trying to eradicate speculative manias, we should channel investors’ innate affinity for speculation into productive ventures.

“Fantasy Hollywood” — Crypto and Community-Owned Characters

Cuy Sheffield

Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) enable a new model for bringing new characters into the world.

The Power of Product Thinking

Julie Zhuo

Developing product thinking is not just for designers and PMs. Anyone in the business of building products or understanding trends can use this framework.

Designing Internet-Native Economies: A Guide to Crypto Tokens

Patrick Rivera

Crypto protocols, social apps, online communities, and marketplaces will need to deeply understand the interplay between fungible and non-fungible tokens.