A Framework for Navigating Down Markets

Justin Kahl and David George

This framework shows how to reevaluate your valuation, understand your efficiency through burn multiples, and scenario plan. Plus: original benchmark data.

Info Diet: Tandem CEO Rajiv Ayyangar

Rajiv Ayyangar

A seminal guide to interactive system design, all sorts of rock-climbing content, founder advice videos, and more.

How to Make Talent Scouts Work for You

Tyler Cowen and Daniel Gross

This excerpt from from Talent, by Tyler Cowen and Daniel Gross, focuses on how scouts can be useful for identifying talented entrepreneurs and employees.

MongoDB CTO: Why On-Prem Software Is Still Big Business

Mark Porter and Derrick Harris

MongoDB CTO Mark Porter discusses working with cloud providers as frenemies, and building consumer services for Southeast Asia at Grab.

7 Essential Ingredients of a Metaverse

Liz Harkavy, Eddy Lazzarin, and Arianna Simpson

A true metaverse can only happen with the open and decentralized foundation of web3 technologies.

Rockets, Jets, and Chips: How to Modernize U.S. Manufacturing

Chris Power, Katherine Boyle, Marc Andreessen, and Packy McCormick

Hadrian CEO Chris Power, Marc Andreessen, and others discuss the state of aerospace and defense manufacturing, and the opportunities that lie in modernizing it.

To Start Building a Community, Master These Two Concepts

Amber Atherton

While many founders are eager to invest in community, they often don't know what they’ll need to know to build one the right way.

The Future of Search Is Boutique

Sari Azout

The way to improve search is not to mimic Google, but instead to build boutique search engines that index, curate, and organize things in new ways.

Info Diet: Kajabi President Sean Kim

Sean Kim

The TikTok alum reads a Blind thread about the Twitter takeover, articles from his Korean American executives WhatsApp chat, and more.

The Marketplace Retention Metric Most Ignore

Olivia Moore

GMV retention: what it is, why it's so predictive of marketplace success, and benchmark data on world-class performance