Metrics and Mindsets

Hybrid Anxiety and Hybrid Optimism: The Near Future of Work

Rajiv Ayyangar

We will inevitably blend distributed work with in-person, but the details are much harder than they appear.

On Workplace Productivity

Nicole Forsgren

What does it mean to be productive? In a post-pandemic world, we need multidimensional measures to understand worker productivity.

Choosing Your North Star Metric

Lenny Rachitsky

How to decide the guiding metrics for every type of business, based on a survey of employees at over 40 of today's most successful growth-stage companies.

The Power of Product Thinking

Julie Zhuo

Developing product thinking is not just for designers and PMs. Anyone in the business of building products or understanding trends can use this framework.

Community ≠ Marketing: Why We Need Go-to-Community, Not Just Go-to-Market

Patrick Woods

In a world where software is no longer sold, but rather adopted, community isn't just part of go-to-market; it's a distinct competency: go-to-community.

SaaS Go-to-Upmarket

David Ulevitch, Kristina Shen, and Das Rush

Many SaaS startups often find their initial product market fit with small and medium businesses and then move up market. We cover how to make the move.

What Time Is It? From Technical to Product to Sales CEO

David Ulevitch and Sonal Chokshi

How do you build the right team for the right play and at the right time? David Ulevitch shares hard-earned lessons and advice on tricky topics.

Inside Apple Software Design

Ken Kocienda and Frank Chen

A peak inside Apple: the creative process, how teams were organized, what it was like demo'ing for Steve Jobs, and many other fun stories.

Product-Market Sales Fit (What Comes First?)

Jyoti Bansal, Peter Levine, Satish Talluri, and Sonal Chokshi

In that shift from product-market fit to product-market-SALES fit, how much should you optimize your go-to-market for product... and even the other way around?

How to Manage a PR Agency

Shannon (Stubo) Brayton, Margit Wennmachers, and Sonal Chokshi

This episode provides perspectives from both sides of the table (in-house vs. agency, big company vs. startup) for what it takes to manage PR agency relations.