Metrics and Mindsets

Rethinking Equity: From Lottery Ticket to Financial Wedge

Niya Dragova

Smart equity management strategies for employees, a future-forward vision for companies, and a wish-list for builders.

Kickstarting Network Effects

Paul Davison, Alexis Ohanian, Andrew Chen, and Das Rush

Network effects can be found powering almost every major technology company, from messaging apps and workplace collaboration tools, like Slack and Zoom, to marketplaces, like Airbnb and Instacart to even the internet itself. In this po...

IPOs and Beyond: A Guide to Exit Options for Companies

Blake Kim and Quinten Burgunder

From traditional paths (IPO, M&A) to alternatives (SPACs, DLs, secondary sales), here are the implications for valuation, dilution, liquidity, and more.

Beyond Metcalfe’s Law for Network Effects, and Towards a Better Model

Andrew Chen

Metcalfe’s Law persists today in discussions of network effects, yet is not enough for those in the industry who seek to create, scale, and compete using them.

The Overlooked Levels of the Creator Economy

Dan Runcie

Are creator platforms enabling the 99 percent to chase their childhood dreams? Or are they helping the stars of the 0.1 percent expand their wealth?

What’s Next for Creator Platforms? Learning to Sell

Nathan Baschez

In the rush to build frictionless payment features, the actual pitch—"here's why you should pay and here's what you're getting"—is too often an afterthought.

The Brazen Strategy Behind China Tech’s Growth

Rui Ma

Taking a page from China's relentless willingness to experiment with core apps.

The World Needs a New Protocol for Global Travel

Parag Khanna

The passport of the future should be an app based on skills and health rather than nationality. This can boost opportunities for billions of people.

Why We Crave Software With Style Over “Branding”

Molly Mielke

Modern software’s uniformity has fueled a craving for more interesting, personalized, opinionated tools — turning inanimate pixels into something with soul.

As More Workers Go Solo, the Software Stack Is the New Firm

Seema Amble, D’Arcy Coolican, and Alex Rampell

The rise of vertical-specific software tailored to lawyers, personal trainers, recruiters, hair stylists, and everyone else striking out on their own.