Building American Dynamism

Katherine Boyle

To stave off national stagnation and decline in a post-COVID world, technologists need to build companies that tackle America's biggest problems head-on.

The Brazen Strategy Behind China Tech’s Growth

Rui Ma

Taking a page from China's relentless willingness to experiment with core apps.

The World Needs a New Protocol for Global Travel

Parag Khanna

The passport of the future should be an app based on skills and health rather than nationality. This can boost opportunities for billions of people.

Global Shipping Infrastructure and the Ever Given

Ryan Petersen

The world watched when a container ship blocked the Suez Canal. Amid a frenzy of global trade demand, the world’s shipping infrastructure is starting to break.

Technology Saves the World

Marc Andreessen

We are coming out of COVID years early, with much preserved, compared to what we had any right to expect. And overwhelming credit goes to the tech industry.

A Marshall Plan to Solve the Global Vaccine Shortfall

Caleb Watney

While COVID-19 vaccinations in the U.S. are continuing apace, calls are growing for a more ambitious strategy to rapidly vaccinate the entire world, and especially in developing nations. Legal proceedings around this issue were trigger...

How the Great Zoom Migration Upended the Housing Market

Alex Rampell

By decoupling employment from location, COVID has spurred one of the most profound changes in real estate in the last 100 years. The effects are far-reaching.

What We Learned Doing Fast Grants

Patrick Collison, Tyler Cowen, and Patrick Hsu

We launched an abnormally fast source of emergency science funding during COVID-19. The results revealed the strength and weakness in current funding models.

The World Game

Bruno Macaes

Technology is the set of rules that now governs global shifts. The task for builders and technologists is to discover all possibilities contained therein.

The Silicon in Silicon Valley, Again

Dan Wang

Software is fashionable, but we need more than software to reshape our physical world. To build more, we have to prize manufacturing as more meaningful work.