Infrastructure Is Everything

Law As Code: A Legal System Shaped By Software

Joshua Browder

With a software-first approach, we can improve transparency, automate tedious processes, and in some cases, even avoid the need for costly lawyers altogether.

How the Great Zoom Migration Upended the Housing Market

Alex Rampell

By decoupling employment from location, COVID has spurred one of the most profound changes in real estate in the last 100 years. The effects are far-reaching.

What We Learned Doing Fast Grants

Patrick Collison, Tyler Cowen, and Patrick Hsu

We launched an abnormally fast source of emergency science funding during COVID-19. The results revealed the strength and weakness in current funding models.

The Silicon in Silicon Valley, Again

Dan Wang

Software is fashionable, but we need more than software to reshape our physical world. To build more, we have to prize manufacturing as more meaningful work.

Semiconductor Shortage and the Global Supply Chain Squeeze

Frank Chen and Zoran Basich

Frank Chen of a16z covers the bigger picture of the chip shortage that has led to stalled production for major U.S. automakers.

Anatomy of a Hack: SolarWinds and Ripples Beyond

Steven Adair, Joel de la Garza, and Sonal Chokshi

The ripple effects of the SolarWinds hack, one of the largest publicly known hacks of all time, are only now starting to be felt.

The Great Data Debate

Martin Casado, Bob Muglia, Michelle Ufford, Tristan Handy, and George Fraser

As the technical capabilities of data lakes and data warehouses converge, are the separate tools and teams that run AI/ML and analytics converging as well?

Textiles as Tech, Science, Math, Culture, or Civilization

Virginia Postrel and Sonal Chokshi

The story of textiles — and of technology — is a universally human story, woven from countless threads and wires.

Data Alone Is Not Enough: The Evolution of Data Architectures

Ali Ghodsi and Martin Casado

Ali Ghodsi and Martin Casado explore the evolution of data architectures and where they’re going, and consider a surprising use case for streaming data.

Reining in Complexity — Data Science & Future of AI/ML Businesses

Peter Wang and Martin Casado

Customers are looking for artificial intelligence and machine learning help. So what does this all mean for the software value chain?