Gaming, Social, Virtual Worlds

It’s Time for Esports to Stop Idolizing Traditional Sports

Marty Strenczewilk

Esports are pioneering the future of sports engagement. But to succeed, they need to stop chasing the NBA and NFL and become diverse entertainment companies.

In Online Ed, Content Is No Longer King—Cohorts Are

Wes Kao

Consumers pay for what’s scarce. And within the crowded, cheap, content-rich world of online education, what's scarce is community.

The Future of Games Is Instant

Jonathan Lai

A new class of inherently social instant games melds the click-to-play ease of early Flash games with the quality and performance of app-native games.

Fans, Not Professional Developers, Will Drive the Hit IPs of the Future

Jade Raymond

The franchises of the future need to be designed to ensure quality and canon even when we hand over ownership to the fans.

The Creator Economy Comes for Gaming

Joost van Dreunen

Players are discovering new ways to monetize, whether by building original game worlds, selling in-game goods on the blockchain, or engaging new streamer tools.

Shopatainment: Video Shopping as Entertainment

Connie Chan

Shopatainment will change not just how we buy and sell, but how we unwind. In the future, we will binge-watch stores, not shows. 

Community Takes All: The Power of Social+

D’Arcy Coolican

No category is really won until the social product is built. These are challenges and the open opportunities in building "social+" companies.

The ‘Holy Grail’ of Social + Fintech

Anish Acharya, D’Arcy Coolican, and Lauren Murrow

The intersection of social and finance—as well as shifting attitudes around what we share about money—have given way to a new wave of financial products.

Designing for, Marketing to, and Partnering with Gen Z

Tiffany Zhong and Connie Chan

Key differences between Gen Z and millennials, how to market without being "cringe," and how Gen Z is shifting the paradigm around money, luxury, and work.

The Present Future of Audio — Talk, Music, Video, Interactivity

Gustav Söderström, Connie Chan, and Sonal Chokshi

What happens when we give creators (of all kinds!) tools? How do mediums — and organizations — evolve, prioritize, "disrupt themselves"?