Capital Flows

When Entry Multiples Don’t Matter

Alex Immerman and David George

While entry multiples are an input for valuing mature companies, in the high growth tech market, multiples are a byproduct of the valuation process. Investors really want to understand possible exit values.

All about Direct Listings

Jamie McGurk

We go in-depth on the emerging trend of Direct Listings, where no capital is raised, as opposed to a traditional IPO.

From Research to Startup, There and Back Again

John Hennessy, Marc Andreessen, Martin Casado, and Sonal Chokshi

How has the overall relationship and divide between academia and industry shifted, especially as the tech industry itself has changed?

Technological Trends, Financial Capital, and the Dynamics of Disruption

Fred Wilson and Chris Dixon

Chris Dixon and Fred Wilson discuss the history of the internet and startups, the evolution of capital and infrastructure, and the advent of crypto.

Network Effects, Origin Stories, and the Evolution of Tech

W. Brian Arthur, Marc Andreessen, and Sonal Chokshi

How the concept of network effects was born, diminishing returns and the role of timing or luck, globalization and economies around the world, and much more.

Adjusting to Trade … and Innovation

Russ Roberts, Noah Smith, and Sonal Chokshi

Why is the topic of trade so hard? A big part of it has to do with not seeing the human side of trade, let alone the big picture across time and place.

The Curious Case of the OpenTable IPO

J.D. Moriarty, Jeff Jordan, and Sonal Chokshi

We delve into the lessons learned and go behind the scenes of the OpenTable IPO with then-CEO Jeff Jordan and then-banker on the deal, J.D. Moriarty.

16 Things to Get IPO-Ready (or Just Build a Really Strong Business)

Nicole Irvin

16 tips for getting IPO ready from proving you can grow with revenue at scale to monitoring the competitive landscape.

Understanding SaaS: Why the Pundits Have It Wrong

Scott Kupor and Preethi Kasireddy

We love the simple income statement narrative however, when it comes to SaaS such simplicity can lead to bad investment decisions.