Bio & Science


A Guide to Decentralized Biotech

Jocelynn Pearl

Shared lab space, collaborative projects, DAO-funded research, and other signs of big structural change in this traditionally centralized industry.

The Age of Tech x Bio: The ‘Industrial Bio Complex’

Vijay Pande

A new era of industrialized bio is the next industrial revolution, propelled forward by Covid as our gen’s World War II. And with it we'll now see bio's GAFA...

Global Labs Pose Major Threat — Here’s What U.S. Should Do

Scott Gottlieb

Labs classified as BSL-4 are being built all around the world, many in countries with a history of poor controls and oversight of research practices.

Uncontrolled Spread: Science, Policy, Institutions, Infrastructure

Scott Gottlieb, Vineeta Agarwala, Marc Andreessen, and Vijay Pande

We were at an inflection point with the COVID pandemic, between old and new tech, science institutions, policy, more. So what can we learn from past for future?

The Average American Would Pay $242,000 For One Extra Year of Good Health

Andrew Scott

New economic research supports a shift from the pursuit of longevity at all costs to a focus on healthspan: more healthy time over the duration of one’s life.

The Therapist Will See You Now. But Where?

Hannah Zeavin

As therapists and patients debate a return to the physical office, both must consider the newly discovered advantages of "distanced intimacy."

Why California Burns: The Facts Behind the Flames

José Luis Ricón

The complexity of wildfires – causes, contributing factors, data – leaves a lot of room for snap judgments and no clear answers, so what can we do?

Extinction Isn’t an End: Mining Ancient Innovation for Future Solutions

Betül Kaçar

It's easy to think extinction equals failure, but in fact, past life may encode the solutions to our most pressing future problems.

An “Omics” Answer to the Replication Crisis

Malcolm MacLeod

One possible solution to the replication crisis is to apply big data, "omics"-like approaches to the scientific literature: aka Publomics.

AI is Too Dumb… For Now

Vijay Pande

AI can revolutionize healthcare and the life sciences. But the reality, in practice, is that the potential of AI will be limited — unless it gets a lot smarter.